About Us


Founded in August 2003, Gillespie & McLean Electrical Services Ltd is the original business concept of Brian Gillespie and Paul McLean.

With a wide range of qualifications and having held senior management positions with market-leading mechanical and electrical sub-contracting firms, both Mr Gillespie and Mr McLean had the experience and contact network to successfully steer the company through its first 10 years in business.

At present the company is in its Eleventh year running. Turnover is increasing on a day to day basis with the emphasis still on the electrical commercial contracting. Our current work ethos varies on a daily basis. We are continuing to expand our business with the focus on customer driven success.

Although mainly operating within the central belt of Scotland the company has successfully taken on contracts throughout Britain, from Inverness to London.

The Company has Select Accreditation, this was achieved at the start of 2006.

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